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About Us _

We are here to help business owners and operators use technology to their advantage. We see a future in which small businesses will be ran almost autonomously, whether it's in 3 years or 15 years, we will help you get ready for that moment.

With our experience in telecommunication and business services, a passion for customer service and values, we are your Texas solution to all your tech problems. We specialize in moving technology from the liability column to the asset column in your business.​

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Award-Winning Support _

At Advantec Solution we are constantly improving our products and services to serve you better. With surveys and analytics, we look at our customer satisfaction ratings and other important data to ensure satisfaction.

All of our business customers know and trust Advantec with their communications because we understand how important it is for a business to stay up and running. Please be sure to ask about our internet and power failover features to avoid as much downtime as possible.

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