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Tomball Business Gets Technology Upgrade and Saves over $4k/year

Houston area business saves money with a Point-to-Point solution to reduce telecom expenses by Thousands of Dollars/year.

By replacing an older internet circuit and adding a set of Ubiquiti antennas, we have provided a unique solution to problems with telecom.

In addition, we provided New Equipment with a bundle to replace an outdated phone system with useful features.

-Yealink T58V

-Yealink T46U

-Ubiquiti Dream Machine

-Ubiquiti WiFi 6 AP

-Ubiquti Point-to-Point Radios

-Ubiquiti 48 Port Switch


Before we came into the picture, this customer had 2 internet circuits that were not performing well,  downtime problems, high latency, and packet loss were all present. This customer was having trouble connecting to the internet, accessing on-site and cloud services, issues with printing and file sharing.

By introducing our state-of-the-art point-to-point services, we were able to get rid of one of the circuits saving thousands, adding a fiber optic circuit that delivered much better connectivity, an SLA (Service Level Agreement), latency down in the low 10's ms, and symmetrical speeds.

In addition, our state-of-the-art Yealink phone system capable of video calls, Zoom integrations and Microsoft Teams integrations was included at no additional charge AND with no upfront cost to the customer.

This phone system includes some of the highest-end features available in the industry including Call Recording, SMS Texting, Analytics, User Portal, Cell Phone Apps, Presentation Platform, Salesforce Integration, other API Integrations, Click-to-Call.

One of the best parts of the bundle is our inclusive on-site support and training for all this new technology: when a customer is down, we act FAST!

Currently, we have the offers available in certain areas of Houston:

-100x100 Meg Fiber - $79.99 When bundled with VoIP

-300x300 Meg Fiber - $129.99 When bundled with VoIP

-1000x1000 Meg Fiber - $189.99 When bundled with VoIP

Our VoIP systems start at $29.99/month

Local Support in Houston

White-Glove Installation Available

On-Site Training

SD-Wan (Internet Failover) Available

Cell Phone Apps

Much, Much more!

Not all customers will save this much, but most can save - If we don't save you money on your business telecom you will get a $100 Gift Card! Contact us for more info.

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14925 Stubner Airline Rd #200

Houston, TX 77069

T: 281-791-0300

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