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10 Reasons VoIP is Excellent for Houston Businesses in 2022

Statistics show us that in 2022 Americans are starting businesses and side hustles at 188% higher rate than previous generations.

This making a huge impact in their local economies and their communities around the country. Specially right here in The Lone Star State.

This exponential increase has been largely driven by the increase in tools available in the market like web technologies, social media, booking software, CRM’s, management software and tools like Unified Communications also known as VoIP.

All these tools make a big difference in how Houston businesses operate because these tools tent to increase productivity, efficiency and success when well implemented.

These tools are just so easy!

VoIP: So Much More Than Just a Phone

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is often thought of as just a phone but in reality, VoIP is the protocol in which the information (voice) travels.

For a deep dive in how VoIP technology works, checkout our post.

The real power comes from a state-of-the-art platform that provides hundreds of customizable features to fit your needs.

How Can You Use this for Your Houston Business?

In 2022 desk phones are now advanced computers that provide a direct connection to the

powerful VoIP platform. Don't forget to checkout our phones! including our Yealink T58W that runs an Android operating system so we can put apps on your phone!

If you want to learn more about how this platform is built look for our next article.

Just like your physical desk phone, your PC, cell phone, laptop and even your iPad or tablet can easily provide almost the very same connection to the system providing endless possibilities for your business to thrive:

If you need to scale your sales team, hire people anywhere, they call always use their cell phone app to answer sales calls everywhere.

If you want to scale your support center, outsource easily with a simple web browser.

If you want to reduce expenses, hire remote employees to help with the everyday workload and become a more efficient business.

VoIP helps Houston businesses improve the way they communicate with customers, teams, and partners.

1) Texting Campaigns

Automate the way you contact your customers to update them or notify them about their products or services. With API connections our team can help your business connect your management software to deliver automatic notifications.

2) Mobility

Work everywhere, work anywhere. With our premium cell phone app you and your team will be able to make and receive phone calls any time and any where, transfer calls to any other user, auto attendant or call queue, and send and receive text messages from the app 24/7.

3) Take Record Keeping to The Next Level

Take your record keeping to the next level with call recording. Record and store every single conversation for quality of service, training and much, much more. Integrations are also available so you can archive these in your CRM or management software under the customer profile.

4) Keep Your Cell Phone Number Private

Never give out your cell phone number again - with our premium app everyone in your team will be able to make phone calls from the office line or phone number right from their cell phone or PC avoiding unwanted calls in the middle of the night.

5) Analytics

With so much information at your fingertips you will be able to make better decisions for your business and your customers.

6) Chat Bots to Increase your Customer Satisfaction

Chat bots are the future in business communication. Our team can help you train a chat bot that can answer repetitive questions, give instructions and even update customers of their orders, processes, services and much more.

7) Manage Multiple Brands, Departments or Businesses

With Auto attendants and call queues your business will be ready for scalability providing clear paths and calls of action from your callers and customers.

8) Manage Remote Workers with Ease

Real-time presence and statistics will help you see which agent is performing best, making, or receiving more calls, engaging via chat with other users and even create a little healthy competition to increase productivity.

9) Automate Text Notifications

Missed a call? No problem: send an automatic text message acknowledging the call and make sure your customer knows you will call back. Your customer can even open a chat with your agents to get help all from the web portal.

10) Attendant Console

High call volume? Click and drag to transfer phone calls with our visual interface built into our VoIP platform. Visualize who is on the phone, who is available, who is away to help your customers faster than ever.

The Advantec Difference

Advantec is a Houston based business that lives and breathes business communications.

We always do a full installation on-site and offer free training, so you and your team always get the best of this powerful platform.

Are you ready to schedule a face-to-face meeting in Houston with us? You’ll truly see the Advantec Difference.

Start improving your business communications today!

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