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VoIP Trouble? Check Your Ping Latency Fast

If you are experiencing problems with your VoIP phones or your internet please call Your Advantec Team so we can help. One of the first steps to troubleshoot the problem is checking your ping latency.

Why is Ping Latency Important for VoIP

As explained in our VoIP Troubleshooting Guide, ping latency is the time it takes for a packet to travel to a specific location (or a cloud server) that your computer is interacting with. Although there could be a million things happening along the way, this first test will let you or your technician know if your internet connection is stable. Speed Test

Click Go in the window below to run a speed test that will display your ping latency and other important information to troubleshoot your internet circuit.

Ping Test Results

If your test results come back positive (under 180 MS to a US server), you have to look somewhere else. I highly suggest you review our guide or give us a call for further support.

Further Troubleshooting

Many resources are available online but our complete guide to troubleshoot VoIP issues has helped not only our customers but it is the same resource we use when we hire new technicians. For any other questions please reach out to Your Advantec Team at 281-791-0300.

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