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Manage Multiple Businesses with Unified Communications "UCaaS"

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UCaaS: So Much More Than Phones

Many of our business customers run multiple small businesses from one location, sometimes even their homes.

When I make a phone call to a business I expect to be greeted by someone saying the business name, maybe something like "Thank you for calling ___________, how can I help you?".

When a new prospect calls a business for the very first time and they hear a different name or confusion on the other side it immediately raises red flags.

If you run a business in today's age you know how hard it is to get customers to call and you usually only get 1 shot.

Advantec UCaaS solution can help

In our cloud platform, system admins can easily add a prefix for every phone number they own (visible under the Inventory tab) so business agents or associates can immediate see not only who's calling but also which business they're calling.

Say for example you own two businesses: Zylker Prints and Moen, Inc. In example 1 we show the settings for Zylker and example 2 below we show the phone number for Moen:

After the saving the changes in the portal, the caller ID displays the business name plus the native caller ID from the CNAME lookup - the end results looks like this on a Yealink T46U desk phone:

A business agent or your associate will immediately know which company they are trying to reach and how to answer properly to keep your customers and all callers happy.

UCaaS Cell Phone App

You already know you can make and receive phone calls anywhere with the UCaaS cell phone app but after the settings have been applied, incoming calls in your app will display like this:

Business Efficiency on the go

Once a call is connected in the app, any agent can transfer calls to any other user of the system, connect conferences or transfer calls to voicemails, auto attendants or call queues for maximum control.

True Business Mobility

With the native business VoIP app you will be able to work everywhere, make and receive business calls anywhere all without disclosing your personal cell phone number, a feature crucial for remote work environments.

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