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3 Ways to Record Business Calls in 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

How to record a phone call from my cell phone?

When doing business it is important to keep as many records as possible.

When it comes to phone calls, dated notes are always good but nothing beats a full call recording.

Call Recordings not only provide details like customer sentiment and voice recognition but it also brings your mind back to that moment.

This is powerful because it will help you remember your thoughts and feelings at the moment of the call.

Imagine keeping a call recording for all of your business phone calls, whether a discovery call with a prospect, a customer service call or a vendor you're vetting, call recordings are just powerful.

Three easy and useful tips for any business owner whether just starting out or running a business with hundreds of employees, these all work.

For higher efficiency and call volume I highly suggest #1.

1 - Call Recording Included with your Advantec Plan

Download our GoVoIP App from the App Store or Google Play Store, sign up for a Free Trial and start making and receiving phone calls with your new business line in minutes.

VoIP phones are included with most of our packages so you can run business even better.

In addition to Free call recording, you also get a multitude of features to run your business more efficiently.

2 - Google Voice

Download the Google Voice App from the Google Play Store.

"Google Voice offers a free personal plan with limited features as well as paid business plans that come with a host of popular workplace tools and call management functions." –

Google Voice offers a multitude of services for the solo entrepreneur who is looking for a simple solution to run their business.

3 - Spare Cell Phone

Most Americans still have an old phones laying around, if you don't mind carrying 2 devices, keep it charged and handy next time you need to record a call.

When you're ready, open your voice recorder in the old phone and place your phone call right next to your spare phone.

Even though this is not the most efficient solution, it gets the job done and is also free!

We all love free right?

Bottom Line: Recording your Business Calls Brings Value

The more interactions your business has the more liability exposure it has, ensure you keep records for every conversation you and your team members have with customer, vendors, associates or anyone that calls your business.

The Advantec cell phone app offers mobility so your team can work everywhere AND record every single conversation automatically if you choose to.

Free trials are available for both small business and enterprise on our VoIP system.

Learn more about the plans here or give us a call 281-791-0300.

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